CondoLux + SimplyGroceries = More Vacation, Less Hassle!

Grocery Delivery in Myrtle Beach

The first day of vacation is always pretty busy, what with checking in, unpacking, and then a dreaded trip to the supermarket to fill the ‘fridge for the week. Plus, nearly all vacation rentals on the Grand Strand rent Sat.-Sat. in the summer, so that weekend trip for groceries is typically a nightmare. It can get so bad that even a shopping trip late at night on Saturday can mean long lines and crowded parking lots. The quick trip to the market for some sandwich items soon turns into a 3 hour excursion robbing you of afternoon beach time. If only there was a local service that could save us from this trouble…

Welcome, a locally-based shopping service that delivers the grocery items to you at your CondoLux vacation rental! The delivery fee is just $9.99, which is less than half  of what Lowe’s Foods and Piggly Wiggly charge for delivery. Here’s how it works:

1) Visit and sign up for an account.

2) Choose from over 4,000 products to add to your cart, including cases of water, paper towels, sunscreen, alka-seltzer and of course, chips and dips.

3) View your cart and click “Checkout.”

4) Enter the CondoLux rental property and room number where you’d like your items delivered and the date of delivery.

5) Be sure you are in the unit to accept delivery!

Please note that a minimum order of $75.00 is required. 

Ultimately, I love the idea that you can order groceries and household items ahead of time. You could easily order from your smartphone on the drive down and have your items delivered shortly after your arrival. SimplyGroceries delivers to ALL CondoLux properties, and SimplyGroceries offers a 100% guarantee.

In the end, less time in crowded supermarkets means more vacation time with friends and family!

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