How to Properly Secure a Beach Umbrella

Man blowing away with umbrella[space height=”20″] A change in wind direction or an sudden gust off the water can quickly turn a beach umbrella from a shady canopy into a flying dagger ready to kill. Although it’s hard to suppress laughter when I see someone frantically chasing their flying umbrella down the beach, I know how scary it can actually be. That’s because I’ve been known to just jab an umbrella pole into the sand a couple times and walk away from it, only to watch it ripped from the ground and sent airborne.

In order to avoid  potential embarrassment at best, or, at worst, a trip to the emergency room for the unsuspecting recipient of your flying weapon, follow these tips so that your beach umbrella is as secure as possible.

1: Choose an umbrella that is durable and has a little heft to it. You don’t want it so heavy that carrying it is a burden, but in my experience, cheap, lightweight plastic umbrellas are more likely to go flying, even in a light breeze.

2: Consider an umbrella anchor. After I sent a couple umbrellas into the atmosphere, I purchase an inexpensive plastic anchor that has a corkscrew end. Simply turn this into the sand and let the threaded stem provide some extra grip and security.

3: If you aren’t using a corkscrew anchor, don’t just repeatedly jab the sand with the end of the umbrella like it’s Sharon Stone’s ice pick from Basic Instinct. You’ll get the pole deepest and most secure by rocking it from side to side. The deeper you get the pole, the more secure your umbrella. Put a little effort into it, please, for all our safety.

4: Always tilt the umbrella toward the wind. This will allow the wind to push it into the ground instead of pulling it out. This is typically one of the main reasons for AWOL beach umbrellas. Be aware that wind direction changes, and you may have to readjust the position of your umbrella so that it is facing the wind.

5: Given my flying umbrella track record, I like a little extra security. After doing aforementioned tips, I then use some sand to build an extra mound around the base. I grab a pail of ocean water and pour it around the base to firm up and fill in gaps. It’s not very scientific, but it gives me piece of mind, and I haven’t lost another umbrella since.

I learned the art of securing my umbrellas through the pains of trial and error, but hopefully it can save you some trouble on breezy days at the beach.

If you have a tip or technique, please share it with us by commenting below or on the CondoLux Facebook page.


Video On Securing that Beach Umbrella on a Windy Day!

5 thoughts on “How to Properly Secure a Beach Umbrella

  1. I carry my beach things in a buggy, similar to a stroller. I put the handle of the buggy against the pole and tie them together. Gives the umbrella a little more security and since I keep the cooler in the buggy it is heavy enough to hold it tight. Bought the beach buggy at Walmart. They have them at Sam’s also.

  2. For some added security I always dig a hole down to were the sand is really packed, then I taks the umbrella pole and drive it in. Then I fill up the hole around the pole and make a mound.

  3. Always good to bring an umbrella to the beach for the protection from sun, rain, and wind. I think you have provided almost all major tips to project the umbrella at the beach.

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  5. I take a small garden hand spade with me and use that to dig a deep hole for the screw in stand Much easier than turning the screw forever!

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