Hurricane Season 2016 - North Myrtle Beach, SC

Hurricane Matthew

If you purchased Travel Insurance Please contact CSA: CSA CLAIM FORM
Or Call 800-541-3522

If you DID NOT purchase travel insurance and your stay was affected by Hurricane Matthew, Please follow these steps to file a claim.

  • Download and Complete The CondoLux Claim Form
  • Email The Completed Form Back to us at
  • or Fax the Completed Form Back to us at 843-361-1370
  • Alternatively you can use our Digital Claim Form located HERE

Stayed updated with the latest information about current tropical storms and possible hurricanes in and around North Myrtle Beach, SC for the 2016 hurricane season. Our live hurricane tracker will show you the current path of storms and hurricanes - allowing you to plan appropriately.



Will I Be Refunded for the Trip Days that I miss?

For Those Who Purchased CSA Travel Insurance through Condolux

The following applies to only days during the Mandatory Evacuation. If you choose to go home when you have more than four days, or more than half of your total trip length remaining, you may NOT be reimbursed for unused arrangements after the mandatory evacuation has been lifted. Therefore, we recommend you seek accommodations out of harm's way until the storm passes. Once the evacuation order is lifted, return to the property for the remainder of your vacation.

For a mandatory evacuation, CSA Travel Protection pays for:
a) Unused, non-refundable trip arrangements during a mandatory evacuation up to the amount of trip cost insured. Unused arrangements are pro-rated on a nightly basis.
b) Reasonable additional accommodation expenses incurred during the mandatory evacuation period. Payments will not exceed $150 per day up to $1000 per reservation. This coverage terminates when you are en route home or when you are able to return to the property. CSA's plans do not cover for alternate vacations during a mandatory evacuation order.

(CondoLux makes every attempt to keep this information accurate and up-to-date. It is up to the renter to get in contact with CSA Travel Protection for more information about their coverage and claim.. Visit their website for info.)

NOTE: 1) Keep all receipts. 2) CSA does not cover certain items left behind or for gasoline, extra mileage or missed workdays.

For Those Who Did NOT Purchase Travel Insurance

Don't worry! Although we can not offer all the benefits Travel Insurance provides, we will be able to refund you a portion of your money if, and only if, there is a mandatory evacuation of the area. CondoLux can provide a refund for each day the evacuation is required. If the evacuation is for 2 days, we can give you a refund for 2 days worth of your vacation with us. Three days days, three days, and so on. Please keep in mind, we can NOT provide you with alternate lodging or reimburse you for gasoline or other accommodations.

How do I know if there is a Mandatory Evacuation?

The South Carolina governor announces the mandatory evacuations, usually one day before the hurricane hits the area. Please do not rely on CondoLux for your source for this information. We get the news from the same source you do. The length of time for the evacuation, and the evacuation area are undetermined.

The best sources for up-to-date information would be our local SunNews Website, WMBF News or the National Hurricane Center.

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