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Homeowners Associations are established to preserve, protect and enhance the community. The powers of a homeowners association are derived partly from applicable law and partly from the bylaws and the recorded declaration. The services provided by your Homeowners Association are varied and extensive. So the homeowners association are usually jointly responsible for the full costs of maintaining the infrastructure and any facilities owned by their association and, via their payment of rates to the local authority, they are also contributing to the costs of maintaining the infrastructure of all other townships within the jurisdiction of their local authority. Most Associations have a set of Rules and Regulations as well as Architectural Guidelines.

Homeowners associations are entities organized to govern the operation of common interest communities. Homeowner’s associations are governed by a board of directors which are elected by the homeowners. Homeowner’s association boards are well-advised to use tact, persuasion, and reason whenever possible in the enforcement of their rules. They also have the power to impose reasonable fines for violations of the rules and regulations and to levy late charges for tardy assessments. Homeowners Association are established to preserve, protect and enhance the community. They are non-profit corporations formed to “maintain” a subdivision (community, neighborhood). Their dues range from around $20 to $70 a month, depending on the types of amenities and size of the community; although Homeowner’s Associations may no longer prohibit property owners from displaying political signs on their property, even if deed restrictions or restrictive covenants purport to ban the practice. The Association is responsible for all maintenance and repairs to the common areas of the property, including the grounds, and the parking areas/roadways, as well as the exterior surfaces of the buildings such as doors, windows, skylights, decks, patios, stoops or sidewalks. Each owner shall be responsible for the maintenance of that portion of the landscape screen and/or entrance treatment that is located on his or her lot.

Generally the Homeowner’s Association’s board meetings will be published and open to all resident members. The Board meetings, which are typically open to all unit owners, are usually held on a monthly basis. Even though the meetings are open, there is no obligation to allow non-board members an opportunity to speak or otherwise participate in the meeting.

Keep in mind that the rules and regulations of the Homeowners Association are designed for the good of all homeowners and the community. Even though they may be strict, the Homeowners Associations are established to preserve, protect and enhance the community

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