New oceanfront park opens in North Myrtle Beach!

According to an article at, a new park recently opened at 21st Avenue North in the Cherry Grove section. While there is no merry-go-round or swingset for the kiddies, the park does offer a nice place to relax, or those out for a morning run to take a rest. It’s also well decorated and well-built. It’s good to see something besides another condo or beach home go up directly on Ocean Blvd.

Situated between two North Myrtle Beach condos, the park includes a drop-off area, handicapped access over the dunes,  restrooms, showers, seating, some very nice lightscaping and lighting.  It’s definately one nice looking park!

The article says that T&J development donated this 120 x 80 foot section of their property to help meet goals set out by both North Myrtle Beach and the developer. The park is located right next to the new Towers on the Grove and Spring Towers.

Either way, it’s an excellent addition to the community! There isn’t any parking at the park, except a few spaces that are only handicapped accessible. And public parking is three blocks away.

Cherry Grove is one of the most sought-after sections of North Myrtle Beach. Since a large portion of the area is residential, it’s generally a little bit quieter. And since there aren’t as many Myrtle Beach vacation rentals or mainstream attractions as in other sections, traffic congestion usually isn’t as bad either.  Be sure to check out the Cherry Grove Pier, though — the second longest pier on the east coast! (And also, home to the largest shark ever caught on a fishing rod!)

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  1. I live in that area and went by there one day. It is pretty nice. Like you said, it is nice to see something besides more condos on the oceanfront.

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