3 Fun Travel Games To Play On Your Way To North Myrtle Beach

When you are planning your trip to North Myrtle Beach, there is a lot of be excited about. One of the things a lot of people dread is the long drive. If you have kids, it can be that much harder. Having a few games to play along the way can help pass the time and keep the kids occupied. Here are three fun games to try on your next drive to North Myrtle Beach

The Alphabet Game

The alphabet game is a fun spy game that anyone can play. Younger kids may need a little help from parents or siblings. Simply look for words on road signs that start with the letters of the alphabet. It can be played by each person trying to find all the letters first or by finding the letters in order. Sometimes its a quick game and sometimes it lasts the entire trip.

50 States

This game is a fun one that is also a little challenging. The entire family can play together or each member can compete against the other. You look for license plates from each of the states. Of course, some of them will be harder to find than others, and it’s pretty unlikely that you will find them all. It’s still a great way to pass the time.


This is a game that is sure to get the entire family laughing. One person starts by saying a couple words of a story they made up. Then the stop mid sentence and another family member has to finish it. This continues until the story ends. The funny part is that just when one person tries to end the story, the next family member can choose to add a twist and keep it going.