‘Horry’s Restaurant’ dishes out very good eats in Myrtle Beach

It’s pretty far out of the way if you are here on vacation. Even in the off season, though, its always packed. My fiance and I drive by it every day to and from work. Every night we drive by, there are ALWAYS cars there. I’d hate to see it during tourist season! So we thought….well….is HAS to be good.

Located on Hwy. 9 outside of Little River on your way to Loris, Horry’s Restaurant packs a mean seafood punch, all while giving you that ‘down home country atmosphere.’ (Yes, the southern hospitality friendly service is included.) It is a bit out-of-the-way, but if you have heading in or out of North Myrtle Beach through Hwy. 9, you should definitely stop in for some good grub.

We strolled in one night on Friday night at about 9 p.m. (normally they are closed then, but on Friday, they are open till 10.) It wasn’t very busy then, seeing as how its far away from any part of North Myrtle Beach. We were immediately greeted with a smiling face and shown to a booth. If you are looking for a type of “high class” restaurant, then please head in the other direction. Horry’s Restaurant was obviously, (or at least it looked it) a large house at one time, now dotted with booths, chairs, and tables, followed by nostalgic pictures and random keepsakes on the walls. It wasn’t to the point of needing any repair work, but it definitely showed it’s age. You surely won’t be able to compare it to one of these new Myrtle Beach condos that monopolize the coastline, thats for sure.

After the drink order, we took a gander at the menu. Very fair prices, something you would expect from a place like this.

Their menu wasn’t huge like the chain restaurants. Most of it was seafood. The rest was steaks, and some chicken. They also had one page dedicated to the history behind the place. Nice touch Horry Restaurant! I had the chicken tenders, hush puppies, and onion rings, with my significant other having the sirloin steak.

Service was nothing short of perfect. Every time I THOUGHT of a refill, there she was, ready to top off my glass. And let me tell you, the food was GREAT. The waitress even waited around for my fiance to cut into her steak to see if it was cooked to her perfection. Indeed it was. And my meal was great too. How can you say no to deep fried onion rings and hush puppies? :) I felt like a bear ready to go into hibernation after I finished my meal.

I will definitely be heading back to Horry’s Restaurant. It is close to Aberdeen and Long Bay, so if you are finishing up a late afternoon of Myrtle Beach golf there, you can stop in for dinner.