Enjoy an Evening at a Restaurant by the Beach

If you’re planning for an evening of relaxation and fine dining near the beach, Soho Restaurant may be your perfect choice.

Step into this restaurant and experience a refreshing ambiance, a wonderful wait staff and affordable, yet fine choice of cuisine. During my first visit, I was relaxed as I walked into Soho’s dimly lit, cool atmosphere.

After stepping foot into the door, I was approached by the hostess, who smiled from ear to ear as she asked how many were in my party and our smoking preference.

As I sat down in a cozy spot, I browsed the dinner menu filled with choices of steak, seafood, chicken and their remarkable sushi; enough to fulfill anyone’s appetite.

Since this experience (two years ago) at Soho, I have fallen in love with it. It is the perfect spot for a date, dinner with friends, or just a stop to have a glass of wine, martini or a brew of your choice.

My favorite dinner selection includes Soho’s stuffed shrimp appetizer ($7.99) and dynamite shrimp sushi ($5.49) topped off with their cheesecake (ranging $6.00-$7.50).

I’ve taken several friends from out of town to this restaurant and now every time they visit, they always want to take a trip to Soho. Some of their favorite selections include the house miso soup ($2.49) and the chicken tempura (14.99); however, most enjoy their sushi the best.

Not only can you sit inside their restaurant where you’ll have a great meal, hear relaxing music from Jack Johnson, John Mayer, jazz artists, and others, but you can also step outside and enjoy your cuisine on the deck while listening to their live music on select nights.

Located at 406 21st avenue in Myrtle Beach (off 17 business) and a few blocks away from the coastline, Soho is a great way to end the evening, whether you had a relaxing day by the beach or played one of the many Myrtle Beach golf courses.

This restaurant is conveniently open from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. daily. Although I have not eaten here during lunch hours, I can only imagine that their lunch would meet the high standards of their dinner choices.

I definitely would suggest visiting Soho during any stay in Myrtle Beach.