Hard Rock Park – a quick look inside

UPDATE 5/07/12

After opening in June of 2008, The Hard Rock Park closed in September of 2008. It then reopened in May of 2009 under the name of Freestyle Music Park, but only lasted the season, closing its doors for good.

There has been constant ranting and raving along the Grand Strand about the new addition to the beach, Hard Rock Park. I drive by the amusement park on Highway 501 frequently and I am always surprised at how many people are in the new park.

I haven’t been able to take a visit, but I’ve learned through friends and family what it is all about. Based on a rock theme, this park has several rides for all ages, especially the younger crowd. Rides such as the London Cab Ride, Just a Swingin’ and Eagle Life in the Fast Lane catch the excitement of the attendees, but I have to say, people cannot get enough of the Led Zeppelin roller coaster.

This particular roller coaster, I’ve heard, is the best ride of the park. Although there are a few rides yet to be open, it seems as if it would be tough to surpass this particular one. While on this roller coaster, you ascend 15 stories and plunge at nearly 65 miles per hour around several loops while listening to Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.” The ride is probably one of the newest best Myrtle Beach attractions.

There’s also stunt shows, places for shopping and an array of food choices. In addition to that, concerts are held at Hard Rock Park in one or more of their theaters. On Friday, May 23, George Clinton will perform, however, the main event will happen as the park comes to its official opening.

The official opening of the park will occur June 2-3, while the Eagles and The Moody Blues perform for hundreds of visitors and residents of the beach.

Tickets are $50, but it is free for children 3 and under. The park ticket covers most concerts, but is not applicable to opening day weekend. I think that the money is definitely worth it, especially if one of your favorite bands is coming to the beach.

I cannot say Hard Rock Park is the best because I haven’t been, but you can give it a try yourself.