North Myrtle Beach’s 40th Birthday – A bit belated!

Before the next year rolls around, we thought it might be good to recognize that this year is North Myrtle Beach’s 40th birthday! The celebration was held back in May, making this post rather dated. However, the Grand Strand has made great strides in the past 40 years, building up Myrtle Beach as a top vacation destination in the United States!

You see, in 1968 North Myrtle Beach merged the four beach towns of Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive, Crescent Beach and Windy Hill that incorporated as North Myrtle Beach. Each of these sections still exist today, each with its own characteristics.

Many people classify North Myrtle Beach as the “quieter” beach, with less traffic and pedestrians on Ocean Blvd. Some North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals are also a bit newer. You can really see the age in some parts of Myrtle Beach while driving along Ocean Blvd. Of course, all cities have some age to them where it shows.

But now, North Myrtle Beach is expanding again. According to an article in the Sun News, NMB is gaining another 1,300 acres! The project, called the Parkway Group Planned Unit Development, includes multifamily homes, single-family homes, commercial space and a marina. It would stretch from the southeast corner of the intersection of S.C. 31 and S.C. 22 and also extend to the Intracoastal Waterway and border the Grande Dunes neighborhood in Myrtle Beach.

Although developers anticipate the construction to be complete in another 20 years, it’s still a good step forward for Myrtle Beach real estate, and of course, North Myrtle Beach’s 40th Birthday!

2 thoughts on “North Myrtle Beach’s 40th Birthday – A bit belated!

  1. I actually like north myrtle better than myrtle. Of course shopping is better in myrtle but there is less traffic and congestion in north. I usually stay in north myrtle when my family comes on vacation just for that reason.

  2. yeah, North Myrtle Beach is getting to be just as good a vacation spot as Myrtle Beach, I’ve seen other people too say they prefer it better.

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