CondoLux proud to be helping others

CondoLux received a rather touching letter recently from S.O.S. Health Care, Inc. out of Myrtle Beach, thanking us for our help throughout the years.  Although CondoLux specializes in Myrtle Beach condo rentals and real estate sales, we are a company that does give back to the community in any way we can. Last Christmas was no different.

Last year, CondoLux adopted a family for Christmas, with the staff bringing in loads of wrapped Christmas presents – stuff the family wanted, as well as needed.  We felt good being able to lend a hand and reach out to those in need.

However, the point of this article is not to gloat about CondoLux, but to make aware of the content of the letter written to us, and hopefully it will bring a smile and warm feelings to you.  For almost 20 years, S.O.S. Health Care has been in the “helping hand” business for children. Their Caring-4-Kids program has helped changed lives for years. A part of the letter reads:

“Recently, when perusing the Sun News, a horoscope caught my eye. Mind you, I don’t regularly check my horoscope but here is what it said: ‘You have two hands: One is for helping yourself, the other is for helping others. Think about this in the week ahead, since you may be called upon to assist a friend or achieve a compromise.'”

Thank you S.O.S. for allowing us to help lend our other hand.