Navigating to the CondoLux Offices in NMB: Video Guides

I was thinking recently about some of the ways that I believe technology has actually change my brain. This was inspired by an essay I came across titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Whether technology is actually “dumbing” us down or not, I realized that one of the biggest changes tech had upon my cerebral wiring was my geographic awareness. Since the advent of GPS technologies, my internal sense of direction has gone the way of the betamax. Maybe I just don’t pay attention like I used to when I have a device speaking directions to me, or maybe one’s sense of direction is like that of a muscle, one that must be continually exercised in order to function effectively. Either way, I don’t like navigating in places I’ve never been, and I count Google Maps and GPS among the finer things in 21st century travel.

Thankfully, CondoLux has a YouTube page with some video resources and tutorials to make getting to your vacation destination and into your luxury condo easier. With videos illustrating the route from Hwys. 9, 22 and 501, you can get a quick video overview of what the drive in will look like and the exact directions to bring you to CondoLux’s front doors (See the videos below).

Driving from Hwy 9 to CondoLux

Driving from Hwy 501 to CondoLux

Driving from Hwy 22 to CondoLux


But wait! There’s more! The CondoLux YouTube page also has a short video tutorial to help you open our lock box to retrieve keys. And I even came across a pretty cool aerial shot of the North Myrtle Beach view from a CondoLux beachfront balcony.