4 Off the Beaten Path Myrtle Beach Attractions

vacation rentalsAlmost half of Americans take summer vacations, with the most popular destination being the beach. Leisure travel costs totaled $644.9 billion in 2014, so it is clear that Americans enjoy investing in a vacation with a lot of options. So why don’t you head to Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach, a vacation destination on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, offers an oasis that is similar to a far away paradise. You can get the luxurious vacation without having to use your passport.

But, while you are there, make sure to do something different. Here are four off the beaten path activities that will give you an insider’s view of what Myrtle Beach has to offer!

La Belle Amie Vineyard
Not only can you sample some decadent wines here, but you can take a walk to explore the sprawling grounds. The owner will even take you on a guided tour and explain what daily life on the vineyard is like and how it is operated. This offers a nice adult reprieve when you do not want to spend another day on the beach.

Waccatee Zoological Farm
This zoo boasts all kind of animals, both domestic and exotic. You can visit every day of the week to see hundreds of animals in their wooded preserves, and you can even feed them. Keep an eye out for the peacocks that roam the zoo grounds, maybe you’ll be able to see their feathers up close!

T.I.G.E.R.S Preserve
Another getaway for animal lovers, this 50-acre preserve focuses on hands-on activities with different wild animals. You can play with monkeys, wolves, elephants, and leopards. Or, sign up to fly a trained falcon or cuddle a tiger cub! And for those that enjoy seeing unusual animals, you will be able to spot a Liger, the offspring of a male lion and female tiger.

The Palace Theatre
Interested in theater and the arts? Well, make sure to check out the viewings for The Palace Theatre, to view performances right on the beach! They even offer chairs so you do not have to worry about supplying your own.

Now that you have some ideas in mind of what to do, you need to start thinking about vacation rentals. If you are looking to rent beach condos for a few weeks, or stay in oceanfront condos for a couple days, head on over to CondoLux for the best vacation rentals Myrtle Beach has to offer!