5 Myrtle Beach Shops Your Kids Won’t Mind Visiting

Myrtle Beach is a great place to shop. Whether you are looking to update your wardrobe, redecorate your home or trying to find the perfect gift, you can find a store that has what you need. Kids usually don’t like to shop as much as their parents, unless they are shopping for things they like. Luckily, these five shops are anything but boring and kids of all ages will enjoy shopping at them.

Build A Bear

Kids love stuffed animals and when they can make them themselves and also dress and accessorize them, it’s even better. Build A Bear Workshop allows them to do just that. They can choose an animals, name it, stuff it, dress it and find lots of fun accessories for their new friend. Build A Bear is a great way to spend a few hours and kids are guaranteed to love it. It’s located at Broadway At The Beach.

Black Market Minerals

Black Market Minerals is paradise for kids who love rocks, fossils and jewelry. While they can’t run around unsupervised, they can stroll through the aisles with parents and sink their hands into barrels of smooth, cold rocks. For some reason, kids seem to love that. The store also has shark teeth, dreamcatchers, hundreds of pieces of jewelry and unique home décor. It’s also affordable.

Ride Makerz

If you have a kid who loves cars, take him or her to Ride Makerz to make their own. They get to choose the body, wheels and other accessories and also get to build the car with special tools in the store. They can choose a remote control car or a regular one and compare and test their car right in the store.

It’s Sugar

The name says it all. Everything in this story is made of or inspired by sugar. Kids loves picking out their own candy and fun souvenirs.  Fill a bag with your favorite bulk candy pieces or buy pre packaged items. The stores are even decorated in candy. Kids won’t want to leave once they are inside and parents may find it hard as well.

Toys & Co

Of course kids loves toy stores and Toys & Co is one of the best on the beach.  There are stuff animals, educational toys, cars, and more. Children will love going through the rack and of course touching all the toys and trying them out. The best part is, that’s okay. Let your kid be a kid in a toy store and enjoy everything Toys & Co has to offer. Be sure to set a budget before enter though.