Tips on Choosing Your Vacation Dates in Myrtle Beach

If you are from up north, it’s hard to actually grasp that around New Year’s Day, you can be outside in a T-shirt in Myrtle Beach. That’s what happened this year anyway, who’s to say it wouldn’t happen again?!

Warmer Weather = More Tourists = More Footwork
Most of our vacationers come from Spring to Fall, and the increase in traffic backs that up. Locals who drive along Hwy 17 or Ocean Blvd know they better add at least 10 to 20 minutes to their commute during the heavy tourist season. If you are like me and don’t like traffic, you may want to try coming earlier or later to stay out of the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist season. Myrtle Beach has mild temperatures all year long, so although you may not be able to take a swim in the ocean in October, you better believe the weather is still lovely enough to have a good time outside and take a walk on the beach.

I was also surprised to see how much cheaper rental rates are during the off-season! You can save half or even 75-percent off regular weekly summer rates! This goes for Myrtle Beach golf packages too.

If I can’t convince you to stay away during the busy seasons, keep this word of caution though: Our summer months are HOT. July and August are some of the hottest months we have and can be unbearable at times if you are not in a pool. Golfers know this. They try to stay off the greens during that heatwave. If you can stand the oven, though, then come on down!

Don’t forget about Myrtle Beach Winter Rentals though! Although it may a little chilly, planning that Valentine’s Day getaway, or New Years celebration will save you a bundle! Don’t believe me? Check out these rates on Laguna Keyes.

Check the Weather
Although rare, Myrtle Beach does have hurricanes, so be sure to check the news a week or so before your departure.

Of course, you can’t plan your vacation that’s 4 months away on whether it’s going to rain the week you are here or not. It’s funny though. During the times it is raining, it could be a downpour where you are at, but bright and sunny in another part of the Grand Strand. I guess it’s because we are so close to the ocean. I’m not a meteorologist, so I can’t explain it.

Just make sure you plan some indoor activities as well as outdoor for your Myrtle Beach vacation.

So, just to recap, you will have a cheaper vacation if you don’t come during the tourist season, and the weather will still be moderate and beautiful. Just don’t come during the winter months if you expect to be doing some walking on the beach. Other than that, good luck!

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  1. I agree that you’ll have a much better time as far as traffic goes if you go during the off season! I also can second the fact that South Carolina summers are hot–I’d say sweltering. I’d definitely recommend going to Myrtle Beach during the cooler months.

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