Beach-goer’s Guide for Better Beach Etiquette

Family laying on the beach together

A day at the beach should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. However, there are a few basic etiquette rules that should be followed in order to make sure that everyone has a good time. Here are a few tips to make sure you are being a considerate beachgoer.

Wear Appropriate Beach Attire

Millions of people vacation in Myrtle Beach each year, including many families with children. Wear a swimsuit that fits – especially if you’re planning to swim. We’ve all been in a situation where a wave hits and almost takes our bathing suit off.

Fact: It’s against the law to wear a thong on the beach in Myrtle Beach. Yep, it’s true! Learn more about Myrtle Beach beach laws.

Clean Up After Yourself

“Leave it the way you found it” is a common tip for beachgoers. To help do your part, you can pack a small grocery bag to put your trash in. Afterward, you can take it to a nearby trash or recycling bin located near a beach access point.

Also, if you (or your children) do a little digging in the sand at the beach, please make sure to fill all holes in before you leave. Deep or even shallow holes in the beach can be a safety hazard for fellow beachgoers.

Fact: It’s illegal to dig a hole deeper than 2 feet in Myrtle Beach.

Safely Secure Your Beach Umbrella

We’ve all seen a runaway umbrella flying across the beach, with a person frantically chasing it from behind. Don’t be that person. If you decide to bring your own umbrella, make sure it’s properly and safely secured to keep you and everyone around safe.

Helpful guide: Learn how to Properly Secure a Beach Umbrella

Keep Your Music Levels Respectful

We get it — listening to music while you’re at the beach can definitely enhance your experience. However, people around you may want to simply enjoy the peace and quiet or not share the same taste in music as you. Be respectful, keep your music levels to a respectable level or wear headphones/earbuds.

Remember: Check your surroundings. If children are nearby, you should avoid playing vulgar music altogether, unless with personal headphones.

Be Mindful of People’s Personal Space

Everyone goes to the beach to relax. That can be pretty hard to do when a complete stranger or group sets up shop within a close distance to you. Make sure you respect people’s personal space and keep a reasonable distance away from them if possible.

If you’re with a big group, get there early for the best spots for your crew. Try to keep at least ten feet between you and the group next to you and never sit directly in front of another group. When you’re packing up to leave, pay attention to the wind before you wipe the sand off your towels and chairs so you don’t blast the people next to you with flying debris!


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  1. Mostly good suggestions, but speaking as an environmental scientist who works in water quality, there really is no problem with peeing in the ocean. It would be an issue with a more confined body of water, definitely a pool, a small pond, or a smaller, well used lake, but with the sheer volume of water, wave action, etc., that means your dilution factor is going to make your pee’s contribution to the water around you infinitesimal in mere seconds, and pathogen load in pee is usually extremely low anyway. Now poop, that’s a different matter, you have solid matter with coliform bacteria and viruses like norovirus, hepatitis A, etc that is going to wash up on the sand and contaminate it. So if you’ve got the runs, maybe sit this beach day out, and swim diapers on the little ones. Curb your dog, if he has to go on the beach dry sand is better then immediately pick it up and the sand right around it, or better yet leave Poochie home on a crowded day.

  2. If Myrtle Beach can’t handle the sight of a man in a speedo I guess this is one place to avoid. As it is definitely a hive full of uptight and ignorant people.

  3. Yet another opinioted writer in the sea of speedo hating double-standard-prudish society. NEXT!

  4. Whenever I see a guy in a Speedo, regardless of his physique, all I see is someone who’s comfortable with their body. And frankly, I’m a bit envious.

  5. What’s so “Dangerous” with speedos. People in southern europé and Australia use them all The time. It’s ok to watch Wrestlers jump around in speedos while giving each other hugs but a man sunbathing in his speedos next to his wife is not ok? IF you don’t like The sight of it. Don’t watch. Same goes for women in thongs

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