North Myrtle Beach: Keeping Your Belongings Safe At The Beach

When you head down to the beach, you likely take at least a few things with you. The essentials such as your keys, cash and phone are also some of the most expensive and irreplaceable items you have. Knowing how to keep your belongings safe at the beach can save you a lot of pain, heartache and money. If you are planning a trip to North Myrtle Beach this summer, make sure you know how to keep your belongings safe at the beach.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe on the beach

Disguise Them

If you leave your keys, phone and other items laying out for everyone to see, someone will be more tempted to take them. Disguise them as invaluable items and people will not bother them. You can use an empty sunscreen bottle or an empty potato chip can  to hold small items.  Roll your phone of in a diaper to keep it out of the heat and sand. You won’t have to worry about anyone snatching it while you are playing in the waves either.

Waterproof Them

You don’t want to ruin your phone, camera or another device by getting it wet. You could drop your device in the ocean or accidentally leave them next to a leaky cooler or become the victim of a surprise high tide during a nap. Keep your belonging safe by storing them in Ziploc bags, waterproof case or another type of waterproof pouch.

Beach Safes

You can find numerous beach safes online and in stores. These safes are designed to protect your belongings from sand, water and excessive heat. Many of them are disguised as everyday items or can be connected to larger items such as beach chairs and umbrellas that make it harder to steal.

Keep It With You

It’s not a good idea to go in the ocean with your phone or cash in your pocket, but if you store your items in a waterproof case that can be worn around your neck or secured to your body, you can keep your personal items with you and still keep them safe.  You can find necklaces. bracelets, keychains and backpacks that are waterproof and allow you to keep your belongings with you at the beach.