5 Christmas Ornament Ideas You Can Make From Your North Myrtle Beach Treasures

Can’t spend Christmas at the beach? Why not bring a little of Myrtle Beach into your own home. When you visit, collect some of your favorite beach treasures from the area and turn them into Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree. When you start to miss the beach, just glance at your tree and think of all the fun you had during your last visit and all the new adventures that away during your next one. Here are five fun ideas you can make with your beach souvenirs.


Do you have a nice collection of shells just sitting around? Wouldn’t they look great hanging on your tree? Gently drill a small hole in the top of each one that is big enough for string or yarn to pass through. Spray the shells with glitter or get fancy and paint them. Once they dry, use them to decorate.


If you have found some driftwood on any of your trips to North Myrtle Beach, you can use it to make a variety of different ornaments Tie a bundle together with a decorative ribbon, shape them to look like reindeer antlers, or trim them down and spell out words or make frames. The possibilities are endless.


Admit it, you have a jar of sand you brought home from Myrtle Beach. Use that sand to fill up a clear bulb and write “Myrtle Beach” on it for a cute and personal ornament. You can even make these and give them away to friends. You can also cut out beach shapes from cardboard, brush on some glue and then cover the shapes in sand for another great ornament idea.

Sea Glass

If you have some small pieces of sea glass that you found on the beach, stick them inside a clear bulb with some sand or white glitter. They look great combines with Christmas lights and are a unique and fun addition to any tree. These also make great gift ideas.

Starfish and Sand Dollars

If you have been lucky enough to find a starfish or a sand dollar at the beach, you can spray them with some adhesive glitter and hang them on your tree for a quick and easy ornament. The more, the better! These ornaments will pop against a green tree and are perfect for a beach themed décor or as a way to add a little touch of the beach to a traditional tree.