5 Myrtle Beach Restaurants Serving Christmas Dinner

If you are vacationing in Myrtle Beach during Christmas, you may be wondering where you can eat your Christmas dinner. A lot of hotels and condos don’t have a big enough kitchen or enough space to cook and host a holiday dinner. Most people don’t feel like cooking while they are on vacation either. Don’t worry, there are plenty of restaurants in Myrtle Beach that are open Christmas dinner this year. Here are a few of them.

Preston’s Seafood and Country Buffet

Can it get any better than a seafood and country buffet? Preston’s basically has all your traditional Christmas dinner items and more. No need to set the table, bring in the extra chairs or even preheat the oven. Just eat and go home to open gifts and enjoy your Christmas decorations with your family.

New York Prime

Want something fancy for Christmas dinner but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking it? Why not stop by New York Prime instead. Get a big steak and some sides and make the whole family happy. Then, you don’t have to worry about doing dishes and can spend more of Christmas together.

Burro Loco

How about some tacos, burritos, nachos and other Mexican dishes for Christmas dinner? It would be a nice change from the usual turkey and ham right? You just ate all that stuff for Thanksgiving. It’s time for a new tradition; one that the taste buds will enjoy.

Carolina Roadhouse

Carolina Roadhouse is open on Christmas day and as always, has a variety of great options. You can choose from chicken, steak, ribs, soup, salad and more. Don’t forget to finish off with a dessert. It’s the holidays, you can worry about eating healthy after New Years.

California Dreaming

If you want something to hold you over between Christmas feasts or just don’t feel like eating a traditional mea, you can visit California Dreaming and enjoy steaks, seafood, salad and a variety of other tasty foods. California Dreaming is open Christmas day and offers a full menu. Experience the enjoyment of a big meal without all the work of cooking it.