Condolux launches new Winter Rentals website

Condolux has a new addition to their website marketing, attracting the attention of the Myrtle Beach snowbirds. No, not seagulls, or any other “bird” for that matter, but simply those couples and families who “fly south for the winter” in search of a great deal on winter condos in Myrtle Beach. Don’t ask me how the term came to be, but it does fit very well. is loaded with information and deals for Myrtle Beach winter condos. Did you know renting a condo in the winter is half, if not a third, of the price during the high season? You can still enjoy everything the beach has to offer (well maybe not swimming) while saving money as well.

Myrtle Beach in the winter has a mild climate, excellent for golfers, which is why Myrtle Beach winter golf is so popular.  A nice breeze from the ocean and a great temperature to wake up to make Myrtle Beach one of the top golf destinations in the world.

If you are looking for a great deal for your next vacation, might have just what you are hoping for. You can even rent a 4-bedroom condo in Malibu Pointe for the price of a 3-bedroom during the winter months!