North Myrtle Beach’s Monthly Winter Rentals for 2011/2012

Stay for winter in Myrtle Beach, SC!For some, it’s ritual. For others, it might be an experiment. Either way, Myrtle Beach is home to thousands of snowbirders every year seeking out the best deals and condo rentals for their winter monthly vacation to the beach. The 2011-2012 Myrtle Beach winter rental season is no different.

Let’s face it, Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach are quite peaceful in the off-season. No traffic, nobody on the beach, no lines at attractions or restaurants, but you still get to take in everything the Grand Strand offers! You snowbirders know these little tid-bits, don’t you?  Ok, maybe I won’t spill ALL of your secrets of a successful winter vacation in Myrtle Beach, but even so, for those who haven’t yet tried North Myrtle Beach during the off-season, you’re missing out!

First off,  the term “snowbirders” refers to those who “flock south to Myrtle Beach for the winter” because of the mild climate, area activities and relaxed atmosphere. Some come every year and stay in the same condo, making sure they are booked for the next year before they even leave to go back north.  Some stay for only a month, and others stay from October to March (which is when our condos rent monthly for off-season winter.)   Yet, ALL of them take advantage of Myrtle Beach in the off-season.

The CondoLux winter monthly rates start at $800 for a month for a 1 bedroom condo, and include all the amenities you need to stay for the entire winter. The full kitchens are nice for staying home and preparing meals, and you can always sit on your oceanfront balcony and sip on hot chocolate under a blanket for those romantic evenings where the moon is reflecting on the ocean.

We could go on all day about what makes Myrtle Beach so wonderful in the winter, but wouldn’t your rather try it?  Take a minute to check out all the monthly winter rentals we have to offer in North Myrtle Beach, and if you want to be closer to the attractions in Myrtle Beach, you can view the winter monthly rentals in Myrtle Beach as well..  Who knows, maybe you’ll fly south to Myrtle Beach once a year as well!

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  1. Well every winter me and my husband rent a unit in Laguna Keyes for a couple months. Theres nothing like north myrtle beach in the winter time, the weathers great! If ya like minimal traffic, weather in the 50’s, and quiet nights, then i recommend this place.

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