Ocean View Condo Rentals: The Hidden Gems

Crrescent Keyes 1011 Living Area
Balcony View Ocean View

Crescent Keyes 1011 definitely has charm! The owner put a great deal of time and money into this unit and it’s an ocean VIEW.


Let’s face it. The buzz word is “oceanfront,” but did you know that Ocean View condo units STILL have a great view of the ocean, PLUS they are priced less?  If you are willing to bypass your oceanfront comfort zone for a moment, let me tell you about the condos that will rock your world of Myrtle Beach vacations.

First, let’s talk price. Let it be known that ocean view units are always priced less than oceanfront simply because of the “view” that they have. You can easily save hundreds of dollars by booking an ocean view unit. That’s all there is to it.

Now, let’s talk about the difference in views.  We did a blog post in 2010 about the difference in oceanfront and ocean view, but we’d like to show you some specific examples now. It is VERY important to note that ocean view condo units should be viewed on a case-by-case basis.  The view is always dependent on the resort and position of the condo so be sure to view photos of your potential rental to be sure you know what view you are getting before you book.

In a nutshell, ocean front condo balconies are parallel to the ocean, meaning you can see up and down the coast from your balcony.  Oceanview units, on the other hand, have the balcony located on the side of the building, meaning the balcony is facing the others along Ocean Blvd.

So, this means that some views may give you a direct line of sight to the building next to you (if there is even one there), but you still have a view of the ocean. But others (and these we call the hidden gems), have an amazing view of the ocean without ANY obstructions.

Plus, another perk of some ocean view units is the beautiful city lights at night as well — something you cannot see if you have an oceanfront unit.

“Which view do I get, then?”  Well, it’s up to YOU to do your homework.  CondoLux prides itself on taking photos of each and every individual unit we have, so you can see the views on each and know exactly what you are getting. Along these same lines, we have amazing ocean view condos on the program that are decorated VERY well with top quality furnishings (also hidden gems). So although you aren’t staring directly at the ocean, the quality of unit for the price is amazing. There are LOADS of oceanview condo rentals available through CondoLux. Feel free to browse our condos for rent in North Myrtle Beach as well. Happy vacationing!

Oceanview Unit in North Myrtle Beach
Crescent Keyes #601 is another very well decorated and furnished property.


3 thoughts on “Ocean View Condo Rentals: The Hidden Gems

  1. love love love the ocean view rooms at laguna keyes, you can see the up the beach and the marsh…so pretty!

  2. I personally prefer ocean view. You have the best of both worlds, the ocean and the city lights. There is not much to see on oceanfront specially at night and I like to look what is going on Ocean Drive (a must during bike week).

    I also like the brightness of the unit since the second bedroom has outside windows. They are also a little cheaper.

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