3 Places To Learn The Shag In North Myrtle Beach

3 Places To Learn The Shag In North Myrtle Beach
3 Places To Learn The Shag In North Myrtle Beach

Have you ever heard of the Shag dance? It’s a fun way to stay in shape and it all started in North Myrtle Beach. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to do it so you can show your friends? These dance steps could be the perfect souvenir. Bring your whole family to one of these great spots to learn the dance and maybe even enjoy some good food, drinks, and company.  Here are a few places you can learn the Shag in North Myrtle Beach

Fat Harold’s Beach Club

Fat Harold’s is one of the places where the shag was started and you can still learn to shag there. Every Tuesday from 7-8:30pm, you can get free shag lessons from a local professional. Also, enjoy happy hour drinks from 4-7. There’s no need to register for dance lessons or even have a partner. This is great for beginners or anyone who has an interest in this popular dance that originated in North Myrtle Beach

OD Lounge And Arcade

The Ocean Drive Lounge and Arcade has something for everyone. You can enjoy snacks, games, and you can learn the shag. Its a fun place in the center of a popular tourist area and its located right on the beach so it’s easy to find. Stop in for some happy hour treats and while you are there, head out on the dance floor and learn the Shag.

Spanish Galleon

Who better to teach the shag than a 15 time National Shag Dance Champion? Attend one of the spring or summer Shag workshops at the Spanish Galleon and you can learn from the best. If you decide you love the Shag, you can even book a Shag cruise and Shag all over the place. You can take a beginner, intermediate or advanced classes and even buy workshop DVDs to take home so you can practice between beach trips.