North Myrtle Beach – 5 Fun Beach Activities That Anyone Can Do

North Myrtle Beach - 5 Fun Beach Activities That Anyone Can Do
North Myrtle Beach – 5 Fun Beach Activities That Anyone Can Do

If you are visiting North Myrtle Beach with your family or a large group, you may be looking for beach activities that everyone can enjoy together.  There are plenty of ways to enjoy the beach and almost anyone can do them. No matter how many people or their ages, they will enjoy these activities. Be sure to give them a try on your next beach trip.

Sand Castles

When is the last time you made a sand castle? You aren’t too old or too young. Involve the whole family and make the biggest sand castle on the beach or get competitive and see who can build the best one. You can find plenty of sand toys at the stores throughout North Myrtle Beach.

Shark Teeth

Have you ever found a shark’s tooth on the beach? Once you find one you will be addicted to finding more. You may find yourself spending hours walking up and down the beach searching for these tiny treasures. If you find a big one, you can turn it into jewelry.


You might not be able to jump on a skimboard and ride a wave professionally, but anyone can try out this fun watersport. You just glide across the surface of the water. You do it in shallow water, so you don’t have to like the water or even know how to swim to try it. It’s a lot of fun for people of all ages.

Water Balls

You can find water balls at almost any store that carries beach or summer toys. They are small balls that soak up water like sponges. They are fun to play with on the beach because they allow you to get wet and cool off without having to go in the water. They are great for the elderly who can’t stand long to play in the water or walk in the sand, or babies who like water but aren’t ready for the ocean.

Shell Collecting

It wouldn’t be a trip to the beach if you didn’t collect sea shells. You can walk up and down the beaches collecting them for hours or you can just sit and dig a hole and search through them for just as long. It’s fun, relaxing and sometimes even exciting. You can take your shells home as souvenirs or use them to decorate your sand castles.