North Myrtle Beach starts color coding street signs

As many of you know, North Myrtle Beach used to be comprised of four separate cities, Crescent Beach, Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive and Windy Hill. When North Myrtle Beach was incorporated in 1968, the names still stuck with us. And now, in an effort to distinguish NMB from MB, each street sign along Hwy 17  is in the process of being color-coded with the name of the beach below the street name.

The are many North Myrtle Beach condos and hotels that still describe their location using these markers. “It’s located in the Ocean Drive section,” they say.  So this addition will help tourists familiarize themselves with the sections of North Myrtle Beach.

According to the story on WMBF News, Cherry Grove signs are red, Crescent Beach is taupe, Ocean Drive is blue, and Windy Hill, well, we don’t know quite yet.

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