“No Smoking” rules starting in North Myrtle Beach

Smoking Restrictions in North Myrtle Beach
While it does restrict smoking in a few areas, the new ordinances do not touch on smoking at the beach.

This would interest you if you are coming to North Myrtle Beach any time soon. Breathe easy, the big news here is that all public places are declared “Smoke-free” area from this Wednesday. The North Myrtle Beach City Council approved an ordinance called “Smoking in Public Places” to regulate and restrict smoking in the city. The rule makes all public establishments as non-smoking areas.

This non-smoking ordinance restricts smoking in facilities like bars, pubs, restaurants, city buildings and hotels and the Mayor Marilyn Hatley gave the final stamp of approval to the law. Even before this ordinance, several businesses already made the switch to smoke-free section or timings long back itself. Some restaurants like Plantation Pancake House will be enforcing the new ordinance from this Wednesday.

As expected, smokers and non-smokers in the city have a lot of opinions in support and against the rule, but most smokers agree that it’s something they’ll just have to live and adjust with. In effect, smoking has not been banned from North Myrtle Beach, but it is just restricted.

Smoking Restrictions in North Myrtle BeachThe Rules:
* Smoking will not be permitted inside any of the restaurants, pubs, bars, all public places, public transport, common areas in hotels and motels, athletic stadiums, hotels, motel rooms and campgrounds and any place that is near a door or a window.

* Smoking can be done at designated outside areas of the establishments.

* This ordinance does not restrict smoking at retail tobacco stores and existing cigar bars.

* Smokers and Business owners will be fined $100, $200 and $500 for the first, second and each additional violation within an year.

* Reference to E-cigarettes has been removed from the ordinance.

While smokers will have to adjust their ways like moving out to the outside smoking area, businesses are expected to benefit from catering to the many non-smokers who may become the new patrons. Also establishments like pubs and bars will save on frequent carpet cleaning, changing air filters and plenty of air-fresheners. The City council’s immediate task would be to educate people and businesses about this law first before seriously enforcing the fines on violators.

Learn more about smoking and efforts to control it Horry County at SmokeFreeHorry.org

7 thoughts on ““No Smoking” rules starting in North Myrtle Beach

  1. For many years we have been vacationing in N.Myrtle Beach (Beach Cove/Hilton Resort). Hope theydon’t srew it up totally. But there is always Florida. WW

  2. Thank you N. Myrtle Beach for going none smoking. The problem is we have to travel from Surf side to get to a None Smoking restaurant. When will the rest of the area follow? Yes, designating smoking areas outside, but not indoors. We have been coming here for 35 years and welcome the None Smoking Ban.

  3. This SMOKING BAN happened in most of Los Angeles (yes, the Left Coast) several years ago.

    When the smoking ban was enacted, all the L.A. bars and restaurants screamed loudly, “This unfair rule will cause us to go bankrupt and be out of business within one year.”

    Well, guess what happened? Business was slowed at first, then a few months later, restaurants and bars reports record receipts, increased traffic and increased profits.

    The BARS, who were the biggest initial complainers of the new law, discovered, they served MORE patrons per day, because smokers were not sitting for long periods nursing ONE DRINK; while puffing on several cigarettes. Bar owners discovered less lingerers and higher hourly turnover of patrons showed increase revenue and profits. Food servers and bartenders where also happy – they earned more tips and had to breath ZERO SECOND-HAND SMOKE with making a living.

    So, BE PATIENT North Myrtle Beach – things will improve, and you will benefit with better health in the long run.

  4. It will be nice to have NO SMOKING rule at the North Myrtle Beach or a designated area in each beach for smokers. We drove all the way there from TN and we have a 3 years old with us. We had to keep moving our tent to avoid secondhand smoke. It is not pleasant. At the end, we decided to stay at the swiming pool area.

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