Unique Ways To Enjoy The Myrtle Beach Grand Strand

Unique Ways To Enjoy The Myrtle Beach Grand Strand

When it comes to the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand, there is plenty to see and do. Not only can you enjoy all the attractions in the area, you can also enjoy the various ways you get to them. If you are looking for a fun or unique way to explore the Grand Strands, try one of these suggestions.

Golf Cart

Golf carts are a fun way to get around and they are also fuel efficient. You can take golf cars on some streets in the Myrtle Beach area, including certain parts of Ocean Blvd. Many people use golf carts to navigate resorts and campgrounds. You can find some golf carts that can seat as many as 12 people.


Scooters are a fun way to see all the attractions and cruise around the Grand Strand. Scooters can be rented by the day or hour from various locations in Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. Like golf carts, scooters are only permitted on certain streets.


If you really want to get a great view of the Grand Strand, you need to go parasailing. Your parasail trip will take you up and above the Myrtle Beach areas and in some locations you may even be able to see for miles. You just can’t beat the view from a parasail.


Have you ever ridden on a Segway? You can in Myrtle Beach. You can rent Segways to use on your own or rent one and join in a tour. Once you get the hang of them Segways are pretty fun. Make sure you follow all posted rules and laws about where you can ride your Segway in Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach


There are plenty of horseback tours in the Myrtle Beach area and each one can give you a unique view of the Grand Strand. Horses are only allowed on certain beaches and only   during certain times of year so make sure you check the rules ahead of time.

There are plenty of ways to see and enjoy the Grand Strand.  You can walk or drive a car anywhere, but why not find a new way to get around at the beach?