Tips For Choosing The Right North Myrtle Beach Resort/Condo Rental

Nothing beats a vacation at an amazing North Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo. When you compare the different resorts and lodging options in North Myrtle Beach you may feel a bit overwhelmed. There are a lot of resorts to choose from and of course, you want to choose the one that is best for your needs. Planning your vacation should be fun, not stressful. When it comes time to choose the right North Myrtle Beach resort for you vacation, consider these tips.

Location, Location, Location

Location is a priority for most people when they are choosing accommodations. You should think about how you will spend the majority of your vacation and choose the resort with the ideal location. Do you prefer a more secluded, laidback and quiet location on the beach?  You would like Cherry Grove Beach, particularly Laguna Keyes, which is away from it all. Or would you rather stay in a resort that is located in the center of town near Main Street or near some or all of the popular North Myrtle Beach restaurants? If this is the case, Ashworth and Ocean Bay Club are quick walks to Main Street. Some resorts even offer the best of both worlds and are located in a quiet setting but are within a reasonable distance to all of the main attractions. Primarily Malibu Pointe or Blue Water Keyes.

Room Accommodations

Being comfortable on your vacation is important and that is why you should consider the accommodations of each resort you are interested in. Do you need a small room with one bed or a 2+ bedroom suite? Do you prefer an oceanfront view? (Learn the difference in Oceanfront and Ocean View) Do you need a big kitchen? Does the room need to be wheelchair accessible? Do you prefer to be near the pool? Is there a specific room layout you desire? How many people will be staying in the room with you? What are the comforts or luxuries you need in your room? These are all things you should ask yourself and look for in a resort before you book it.

Don’t Forget Amenities

When you choose to stay at a North Myrtle Beach condo, you are probably interested in the resort’s amenities. Of course you are, right?! Whether you want a lazy river and kiddie pool to keep the kids happy, a gym or spa to keep you feeling refreshed or an on-site restaurant and bar to keep you busy in the evening, there is a condominium rental that can meet your needs. The amenities you want or need can help narrow down your resort options and ultimately help you choose the right resort. Ask your booking agent about these and they will be able to help you narrow down your choices.


It can be tricky to set a budget for your resort and it should really be based on your needs. If you are looking for a simple resort that doesn’t offer a lot of amenities and is not in an ideal location, you can expect to pay a lower price. If you want to full package and prefer a luxury resort with the most comfortable accommodations, best amenities, and a prime location, you can expect to pay a little more.  Keep in mind that you may not necessarily want the best price, but instead the best value. You want your money to go as far as possible and get you a stay at the best resort for the best price.

3 thoughts on “Tips For Choosing The Right North Myrtle Beach Resort/Condo Rental

  1. I agree that location is important when considering a beach condo. I would imagine that you would want to find somewhere that is in the right area for you. This would probably allow you to get a condo in the right place that will help you be happy with your decision.

  2. My family and I are going on vacation to the beach in a few months. We are looking for a good condo that can house a lot of us, but we’re not sure what to look for. I didn’t realize how important it is to look at the amenities that are offered with the property to ensure you stay feeling refreshed. I’l be sure to remember this consideration moving forward.

  3. I think your suggestion to carefully consider location when choosing a condo is important. I’ve read that it is important to actually visit the area you’re considering to purchase in on vacation a couple times in order to accurately decide if that’s where you want to commit to. My in-laws are looking at buying a vacation condo, so I’ll make sure they take this into consideration.

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